JL AUDIO 8W1v3-4 Subwoofer 200mm 150W

W1v3 Subwoofer Drivers
The shallow-depth woofer solution for lower power applications.

W1v3 share many features with our premium subwoofers, including our patented Elevated Frame-Cooling and Floating Cone Attach Method™ technologies. As with JL Audio’s flagship drivers, development for these woofers was guided by JL Audio’s proprietary DMA modeling system to deliver superior dynamic stability and low distortion within their intended power envelope. A striking injection-molded, black mica-filled polypropylene cone is finished with an aluminum dust-cap with JL Audio logo to provide a classy look, while a removable (and customizable) mounting flange trim ring receives grille-mesh inserts directly, without the need for additional grille hardware. (Grille mesh inserts are sold separately.)

Die W1v3 Subwoofer teilen sich viele Merkmale mit unseren Premium-Subwoofern, einschließlich der patentierten Korbrahmen- und Membran-Technologien. Wie bei den anderen Flaggschiffen von JL Audio kommt bei diesen Tieftönern der eigens entwickelte DMA-Magnetantrieb zum Einsatz, der eine überlegene dynamische Stabilität und geringe Verzerrungen bei hoher Leistung ermöglicht. Die elegante, schwarze mit Mica gefüllte Polypropylen-Membran ist mit einer Aluminium-Dustcap und JL Audio Logo veredelt. Der abnehmbarer, lackierbare Zierring enhält Aufnahmen für die optional erhältlichen Gitter-Einsätze.

Key Technologies:
• DMA-optimized motor systems = lower distortion and higher output
• Highly linear, suspension systems = lower distortion and improved reliability
• Elevated Frame Cooling System = improved power handling by venting coil directly
• FCAM Assembly System = improved moving parts alignment
• Lead Wire Management System = improved lead wire with no effect on spider
• Customizable Trim Ring (U.S. Patent #D480,709)

20 cm Subwoofer Driver

150 Watts RMS, Impedance 4 Ohms
Coated Steel-Basket with Trim-Ring
Cone-Area 211 cm2, linear Xmax +/- 8 mm
‡ 98 mm, Ø 181 mm
EUR* 179,00

169,00 €
incl. MwSt.
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